12" Children Of Zeus-Balance
12" Children Of Zeus-Balance
First Word Records

12" Children Of Zeus-Balance

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Side A

1A Sunrise (01:010
2A No Love Song (03:59)
3A Know (03:24)
4A Someone (03:54)

Side B

1B I Need You (04:08)
2B Nice & Sweet (04:33)
3B Balance ft. Akemi Fox & Georgie Sweet (04:26)

Side C

1C Cali Dreams (04:05)
2C 42Long (03:12)
3C The Most Humblest Of All Time, Ever (04:22)

Side D

D1 What I'm Seeing (03:33)
D2 Love Again (05:28)
D3 Sunset (03:05)



First Word Records is extremely proud to welcome back Children of Zeus with their sophomore album, 'Balance'.

Following the release of their debut album 'Travel Light' in 2018 (which featured in numerous 'Album of the Year' lists), Tyler Daley and Konny Kon spent the next two years extensively touring the UK, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

With shows on ice over the last 12 months, Children of Zeus took the time to mature their sound; 'Balance' is 50 minutes of future-classic British soul music encompassing hip hop, neo-soul, gospel and r&b. Konny's laidback flow once again merges with Tyler's unmistakable buttery vocals across a set of bass-heavy backdrops and smoothed-out keys, taking the blueprint from their debut and evolving it into a deeper, more-refined sound.

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