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12" Examples Vol 2 - Eric LAU

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Side A

1A  Runway (2:12)
2A  Righteous (2:11)
3A  Do You Like Music? (1:31)
4A  Val In Time (2:10)
5A  One & Two & (0:34)
6A  Without A Doubt (2:06)
7A  7Even (1:29)
8A  Favourite Truth (1:47)
9A  NE (Good En) (1:20)
10A  Take Me To Brasil (1:01)
11A  Mirage (1:29)
12A  Oh Dara (2:43)
13A  Groovin Sweet (0:57)
14A  Training (1:02)

Side B

1B  Jeff's Piano (0:32)
2B  Dr Slump (2:55)
3B  What Was On Your Mind? (0:35)
4B  Super Moon (2:21)
5B  Feeling Connected (0:49)
6B  Tape's Rolling (1:11)
7B  Between Piano (0:50)
8B  By The Sea (1:17)
9B  Uploading (0:29)
10B  Slow Down (2:18)
11B  In Plane Astral (1:58)
12B  The Best Good (4:00)
13B  Time Is The Greatest Teacher (1:10)
14B  Our Future (1:36)




We head into the final quarter of the year with a very welcome return to First Word from London producer, musician, engineer and DJ, Eric Lau. Following on from his acclaimed early 2017 album, 'Examples', we proudly present the second volume - another delectable 28-track beats opus.

'Examples Volume Two' is Eric's fourth instrumental album, and ably continues where he left off with an assortment of sonics, ranging through hip hop, jazz, funk, soul & Brazilian beats. An elaborate sketchpad of ideas and grooves, this again gives a taste of the genius production skills of 'The Commissioner', Mr. Lau.

A mixdown perfectionist, his services have been drafted into service on a number of albums over the past few years, including Yussef Kamaal's 'Black Focus', Mansur Brown's 'Shiroi', The Playlist's 'Chasing Goosebumps', DJ Jazzy Jeff's 'M3', Masego's 'Lady Lady', and Kaidi Tatham's 'It's A World Before You', released on First Word recently. It's through these recent collaborations that we have a few unique ingredients peppered through this project; the track 'Jeff's Piano' is based on a sample taken from Eric's iPhone, capturing a moment when Kaidi was teaching Masego a few chords at Jeff's studio. Both integral players to the Playlist Retreat, Eric and Kaidi have also provided remix duties for Moonchild, Omar and Leon Ware, and Kaidi Kat also lends his key playing talents to a few tracks here.

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