12" What It Is -SLY5THAVE
12" What It Is -SLY5THAVE
Tru Thoughts

12" What It Is -SLY5THAVE

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Side A

1A Boulevards (feat Denitia) (5:45)
2A Consequence (1:31)
3A What It Is (feat Scienze & Lex-us) (4:51)

Side B

1B C-Side (feat Denitia) (5:24)
2B Daddy Warbucks (feat Sene) (4:28)

Side C

1C Interlude A (0:49)
2C Expatria (feat Thalma De Freitas) (4:29)
3C The Night (feat Melissa McMillan) (4:14)
4C Expatria Interlude (0:34)

Side D
1D Right Here (feat Denitia) (4:30)
2D More Or Less (feat Marlon Craft) (4:27)
3D Interlude B (0:46)
4D With You (feat Denitia) (3:03)


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